Treatments For Fungal Nail Infections

Home remedies

The most commonly used home remedy for fungal nail infections are vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is especially effective in treating the nail infections. Tea tree oil and oregano oil is also effective in reducing the problem of fungal infections of the nail. Oregano nail should be used in combination with any vegetable oil. These oils have anti- bacterial and anti -septic properties. Applying mouth wash at the affected part reduces the infection as it contains anti- bacterial contents. Home remedies are easily available and are very cost effective. You will have to use these home remedies three to four times a day to get fast and good relief from the problem of fungal nail infections. Using clean socks and keeping the fingers and toes clean and dry is necessary. Home remedies show their effect very slowly, but are able to cure the problem in most of the cases. If your infections are not cleared by the use of home remedies you will have to consult a good dermatologist to solve the problem of nail infection.

Prescription medicine

If you are having severe fungal nail infection it is better to consult a dermatologist. Oral medicines will be prescribed by doctors that are effective in treating severe conditions. The healthcare professional will conduct the necessary lab tests and will prescribe the medicines accordingly. In some conditions, removal of the affected nail may be needed. The commonly used medicines are Fluconazole, itraconzole etc. The healthcare person may give you some ointments for topical application. They will be able to give suggestion for successfully preventing the fungal nail infections Even if the condition is treated successfully once there are chances that it may return. Keeping hands and feet neat and dry is the most important prevention method.

The Use Of Acrylic Nails

Clean and trendy

Every woman wants her fingers to be beautiful, slender and longer, but some women have weak natural nails. In order to get clean and trendy look for their fingers, acrylic nails are used by women. Acrylic nails are fake nails which can be glued over the natural nails to get the appearance of natural nails. With the help of acrylic nails you can get the perfect lady look you needed. The acrylic nails are made by the fusion of a monomer with a polymer. If you take proper care of your attached acrylic nails, then they can last for a long time. The acrylic nails can be shaped according to your wish and you can create beautiful designs on it to make it more attractive.

The uses

You can have nice nails for the important occasion by using this nails. You can make this nails look better by doing nail art on it. As these nails are longer you can create the type of designs you want. There are ready to use acrylic nails with designs on it. You just have to fix it to the top of your nails. They give the illusion of having long slender fingers. You can have attractive designs according to the season or according to the type of the dress you are wearing. You can get it fixed at a salon or you can do it by yourself. You can find beautiful nail art designs from the various nail art sites. The videos showing the various procedures for attaching the acrylic nails and the videos of creating new designs are available from different websites in the internet. You can learn the art by starting with simple designs and then moving on to more complex nail art designs.

Nail Art – A Way To Express Yourself

Latest fashion trend

Nail art has become the latest trend in fashion. Teenagers are following this fashion widely and are trying to express themselves through the designs created by them. Nail art is the practice of creating decorative designs on the nails. This adds beauty to your nails and makes a great accessory that match with your dress. The designs on your nails talk about your attitude and nature. You can use a variety of things to decorate your nails like beads, precious stones, glitters, plastic flowers, etc. You can go to a salon to get it done or you can do it by yourself. There are hundreds of varieties of nail art designs available ranging from simple to most complexes with many nail accessories attached to the nail. One can select the designs according to their dress for the occasion or according to the occasion and season.

Types of designs

You can have a variety of designs to choose from for your nail art. There are simple designs like flowers, whorls, triangles, French designs, etc. and complex designs of faces, cartoon characters, famous personalities, etc. it needs utmost care of hands to protect the nail designs. You can also create 3D designs on your nail. The latest in nail art is the nail piercing. This should be done only with the help of a nail art expert. Other designs can be done at home if you have all the necessary tools for doing the nail art. These nail art designs will make you trendy and beautiful. You can get an idea about the designs by visiting any nail art sites in the web. Books and magazines are also available having the nail art designs and the procedure for doing the designs. You can have beautiful designs on your nail by simply following the instructions given.

Is A Fingernail Ridge A Cause Of Concern?

Vertical ridges

Nail ridges are found in most of the people in the world. The fingernail ridges are broadly classified in to two types; the vertical and the horizontal ridge. In some people, fingers develop vertical nail ridges. These vertical nail ridges extend from the base of the nail or from cuticle to the end or tip of the nail. These ridges are of common occurrence and are not normally considered a cause of concern. The number of these ridges may increase with the age of the person. This is due to the absence of natural moisturizers in the body of older people. The greater number of vertical fingernail ridges result from changes in the cell turnover of nails in a person. If there is a change in color of the nails you should consider consulting the doctor.

Horizontal ridges

Horizontal fingernail ridges are considered an indication of undiagnosed medical problems. Nail growth requires vitamins and metabolic energy. When the nail is deprived of proper nutrition or when there are metabolic problems the growth of the nail stops resulting in Beau’s lines or the horizontal nail ridges. Deficiency of vitamin B can lead to this situation. Lack of moisture in the nails also causes similar problems. Any trauma caused to the nail and injury to the nail bed can result in horizontal ridges. Other causes include respiratory problems, circulatory problems, diabetes, and exposure to toxins like arsenic. Hence, the horizontal fingernail ridges are a cause for concern. If you have horizontal fingernail ridge, then it is better to consult a medical practitioner. A dermatologist will be able to analyze the cause of the problem and will give necessary instructions to reduce the problem. Seeing a doctor also helps in the early detection of problems like diabetes and circulatory problem.

How To Avoid Split Nails?

The problem of split nails

Some people have extremely thin and splitting nails. Men and women have this problem and it gets worsened during winter due to dryness. Women are extremely worried about the appearance of their hands and nails. Having split nails gives a shabby look to your hands. Split nails are a common problem and taking good care of your nails helps to avoid the problem to certain extent. Over exposure to water, detergents and other chemicals promote split nails. Using nails to open bottles and doing gardening without wearing gloves can aggravate the problem. So people with split nail problems should avoid these conditions. Spilt nails will take away the beauty of your hands. If your nails keep splitting even after you take care of them, then you have to consult a dermatologist.


It is difficult to find a proper cure for the split nail condition. It is better to follow certain habits which will help you prevent the problem of split nails. To avoid split nails make sure that your hands have less contact with water. The nails become dry when they are exposed to water for too long. It is better to use cotton lined waterproof gloves while washing the dishes and doing other cleaning jobs using chemicals and detergents. Apply hand moisturizers whenever you wash your hands. Leave the hand nourishing cream on hand overnight to make the hands and nails soft and hydrated. Avoid biting your nails and the regular use of nail polish removers. During winter use gloves when you go out. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals also cause splitting of nails. Having a balanced diet can help you avoid the problem of split nails. You can control the factors that determine the appearance of your nails.

How To Attach Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails

Acrylic nails are a kind of artificial nails which are now widely used by women to improve the appearance of their hands. These artificial nails resemble the original nails and can be attached over the nails. These nails are longer and stylish and can give more beauty to the hands of the person wearing it. Attaching of these acrylic nails is rather easy and you can do it by yourself. If you are not confident about doing it alone you can go to a beauty parlor and get it done. You can get the long and slender fingers you always dreamed of by attaching this nail. There are acrylic nail kits available in the market which provides acrylic nails along with the different tools for the fixing of the artificial nails. The procedure for attaching the acrylic nail is available online. These sites are especially helpful to the novice in this field.

Fixing procedure

The fixing procedure of the artificial or acrylic nails is very easy. Before staring the process, keep ready the necessary items needed for the procedure. Clean your nails and remove the traces of nail polish. Remove the excess cuticle by using a branded cuticle remover. Apply a generous amount of glue on to your nails so that the acrylic nails stick properly. You can trim the acrylic nail if you feel so. Keep the acrylic nail over your nail and press it to get attached. After fixing, you can buff the acrylic nails to make it shiny and smooth. Now you can apply the nail polish of your choice. You can leave it like that or you can decorate it with nail art. You can get the video guidelines about the nail attachment process online. You should have little bit of patience while fixing the artificial nail to the original.

Fungal Nail Infection – Most Common Nail Problem

Fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections are common among both sexes. It is an infectious disease affecting the fingernails and toe nails. The infection is characterized with discoloration of nails and crumbling of the edges of nails. Fungal nail infections are also known as onychomycosis. Adults are more prone to these diseases than the young people. This condition is painful for some people. Nail infections are caused mainly by a variety of microscopic fungi called dermatophytes. These pathogens enter the skin through the gap between nail and nail bed or through small cuts in the skin next to the nails. The moist areas of the nail provide an excellent place for the fungi to grow. The affected nail may get separated from the nail bed. The nail infections can be treated at home, if the infection is not severe. Chronic cases may need the intervention of medical practitioner to cure the infection. In some acute case of fungal nail infection, the degenerated nail will have to be removed.

The possible causes

The common causes for fungal nail infections are a family history of infection, humid and moist working conditions, walking bare foot in the shower rooms and swimming pools, Exposure of hands to water for a long time. Tight footwear causing crowding toes, diabetes and weakened immune system are the other main causes of this disease. The affected nail may change in color and in some cases pus cells are seen at the site of infection. The disease can be easily diagnosed by a doctor by examining the debris scraped from the sides of nails. Keeping the nails clean and dry and using anti fungal powders can prevent the problem to certain extent. Avoid sharing the shoes and socks and make it a habit to wear sandals in pool area and public places.

Fingernail Ridges – An Indication Of Medical Problem

Types of ridges

You can see ridges on your nails. There are two types of fingernail ridges, the vertical nail ridges and horizontal nail ridges. They extend from the base of the nail to the tip of the nail. The horizontal ridges extend from one side of the nail to the other side in a horizontal position. They appear like groves and cause the part of the nail to push out in an inconvenient way. The vertical nail ridges are common and are not an indication of any disease whereas the horizontal nail ridges may indicate underlying medical condition. Vertical ridges are common in older people. The horizontal ridges that indicate illness is called as Beau’s lines. It is believed that the horizontal fingernail ridges are caused by injury to the nail bed, metabolic problems or due to malnutrition. It is better to consult a doctor if you have prominent horizontal ridges in your fingernail.

Causes and remedy

The beau’s lines appear as deep, horizontal grooved ridges which are dark in color. The causes for these lines are injury to the nail bed, certain medications, exposure to chemicals and water, malnutrition and various metabolic disorders. It has been observed that in diabetic patients such lines are common. Vitamin deficiencies are a major cause for this problem. Applying nourishing creams and moisturizers to the nails every day can reduce the problem to certain extent. The remedy for this fingernail ridges due to malnutrition is having a diet that is healthy and rich in vitamins. If the ridges are not disappearing even after taking proper care of the nails and having proper diet it is necessary to consult your family doctor. Your doctor will be able to rule out the possibility of underlying diseases by conducting the necessary tests.

Care For Spilt Nails

The causes of split nails

Split nails can occur due to many reasons. Though split nails occur in people of all age groups, it is more common in older people. When you become older the natural oils are not produced and a result your nails become dry and brittle. In younger people the split nails are caused by other factors. Over exposure to water also causes split nails. If you are going through the menopause stage, split nails can occur. Exposure to cleaning solvents and detergents is another reason. Lack of nutrients in the body prevents or slows down the growth of nails and Make them thin and weak. To avoid split nails you have to take care of your nails in proper way.

The care

The best way to prevent split nails is to give necessary care to the health of the nails. Apply moisturizer whenever you wash your hands this prevents drying up of nails. Before going to bed, wash your hands in hot water and apply a moisturizing cream or nourishing cream. There are many types of nail growth creams available in the market. Try each sample and find out the one suited for you. Wear gloves when you do the household chores like washing clothes, dishes, washing car, doing gardening or any other nail damaging work. It is better to wear a cotton gloves as they prevent drying of nails. Rubbing vitamin E and jojoba oil will also keep your nails strong and healthy. Do not try to open lids with your nails. If you are using nail polish remover very often, reduce the usage to once in a month. Sometimes split nails are an indication of some unidentified diseases. If the problem of split nails persists in younger people, it is better to get the advice of a dermatologist.

Add Beauty To Your Nails By Nail Art

Beauty of hands

Keeping the hands beautiful is a great task. You do a variety of jobs using your hands and there are chances that your nails become thin and brittle and not good looking. You have to worry about it when you have to attend a function like wedding. With the introduction of artificial nails the problem has been solved for such women. You can create beautiful nail art on these acrylic nails and improve the beauty of your hands considerably. Apart from the acrylic nails there are shellac and gel nails which will help you have beautiful hands. This will improve your confidence to face people when you are in a social gathering. You can make your hand beautiful without spending much by doing self nail art.

Nail art

Nail art is the practice of creating beautiful designs on the nail using nail gels, glitters, stones, etc. You can make simple and complex designs on your nails either with the help of a nail art expert or by yourself. Nail art has become the latest fashion statement. You can have floral designs, animal designs, cartoon designs and many other types of art designs on you nail according to the function you are attending or according to the seasons. There are many types of accessories available in market to do the nail art. If you take proper care of the designs done on the nail it will last for weeks. Applying a coat of plain nail polish prevents the fading of colors and flaking of the nail design. If you want cheaper designs you can go for designs with just two or three colors of nail gel. If you want to make your hands unique you can go for personalized 3D designs.